T3.5D Double Tongue Tractor Tow Bar


We are proud to present our new Gen ll range; the culmination of 9 years of product development.

Gone are the days of the seized jockey wheel with flat tyres, straining your back to get that trailer hooked up, or having to jack up your boat to drain out water!

Rated to 3500 kg maximum towable mass and 800 kg maximum vertical lift.

Like all Orange Country Tow Bars the T3.5D is finished in two-pack polyurethane paint making it very scratch and corrosion resistant. It connects to Category 2 three point linkage, and with interchangeable hitch pins it can also attach to Category 1 linkages providing the link arms will open to 660mm. 

Comes standard with 1 7/8" tow ball and 1" drawbar pin (as shown in photo). For no extra charge we can supply 50mm tow ball instead of 1 7/8".. 

Remember; If it's not Orange then it's a lemon!