About us



It all started in 2007 when Shane Murray needed a light-duty tow bar for his lifestyle block tractor but could not find one anywhere to buy.  So the good old Kiwi ingenuity kicked into gear and out came the welder and a can of spray paint, and presto, one of the simplest tow bars ever built, but apparently a first of its kind. 


A few hundred tow bars later Shane was challenged by one of his good friends, Ross Troughton to take this concept further, and together they founded Orange Country Engineering Ltd. In 2014 Orange Country Engineering returned to being solely owned by Shane Murray, and in 2020 re-branded as Orange Hitches NZ Limited. 

Our Goals for Orange Hitches NZ Limited

  1. To maintain being New Zealand’s largest tractor quick hitch provider
  2. Ongoing commitment to research and development, focused on being innovative, practical, unbreakable, and always looking smart in bright orange
  3. Priced right, so everyone wins
  4. Top priority is always customer care, prompt service and if we get it wrong, we will put it right

We hope you enjoy our product as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Shane Murray

Director Orange Hitches NZ Limited