13TQ-BF Quick Hitch


13TQ-BF Quick Hitch Tow Bar with folding Bale Forks

Our ever popular 13 tonne capacity Quick Hitch (13TQ) now has the option of folding 1100mm Bare-Co Bale Forks.

  • Three optional mast height adjustments
  • Straight lower arm for tighter turning circles
  • Large look through area
  • Finished in 2 pack polyurethane paint
  • Sacrificial tongue wear plate
  • Feet to stand up on
  • Double clevis pick up points
  • Wings to help centre when loading
  • Hydraulic hose holder
  • Welded in hardened steel towing spike 
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Weighs 80kg
  • Maximum tow-able mass 13,000kg (13tonne)
  • Maximum vertical lift 2,200kg (2.2tonne)
  • Conus 2 - 1100mm long bale forks, fold-able or removable
  • Comes standard in Category 2 linkage